Tippin' in a Winter Wondaland Cake!

This cake was created for singer, Janelle Monae, and her label, Wondaland Arts Society's, holiday party. Since her single "Tightrope" was just handed a Grammy nomination I went with the theme "Tippin in a Winter Wondaland". Wondaland studios itself is covered with grassy astoturf *i couldn't make this up, lol* so i went with snow covered grass as the backdrop to this cookies and cream filled chocolate fudge cake. The "tightrope" is tied to two holiday topiaries made out of Rice Crispie Treats and fondant. The black and white George Esquivel shoes that Janelle and her band "tip" in were made using Rice Crispie Treats and fondant.

*notice the tightrope ;)

*for more information on Wondaland Arts Society visit

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