Red Alligator Skin Birkin Bag Cake!

This cake was ordered by a wonderful husband in celebration of his wife's birthday. French Vanilla cake and 100% edible!

Pink Coach Handbag Cake!

This cake was ordered by a sweet client for his wife's birthday. He said she loved Coach handbags and he just wanted a cake that would make her say "WOW"...hopefully she did! French vanilla cake 100% edible!

"Jack" in the Box Cake!

Soooo, this was a "Jack in the Box" cake that was requested by a client for her good friend's birthday. You may be wondering why the empty hole and no "Jack"?, lol...well "jack" wasn't really a jack, but um the last two letters "c" and "k" are still applicable ;) hahaha! Much too naughty post photos of, but we wanted to share the pics of the box before we, ahem, inserted the Jack. The whole time we were making it we kept thinking how adorable it would be if a little clown was popping out instead,lol! French vanilla cake and even "Jack" was edible too =)

Alice in "ONE"derland Tree Stump Birthday Cake and Cupcakes!.

This cake was ordered by a client who was throwing an "Enchanted ONEderland" themed party for her daughters first birthday. She requested that her red velvet cake have a hand sculpted topper that resembled her daughter dressed as "Alice" so we did just that. She also came up with the "ONE"derful idea to have one dozen cupcakes made with edible images of each month of her daughter's first year.

Two Tier Tiffany & Co. Themed Baby Shower Cake and Cupcakes!

This cake was ordered by a client who was hosting a Tiffany & Co. themed baby shower for her good friend. She requested our Tiffany & Co. baby shower cake but wanted only two tiers instead of three. French vanilla and chocolate fudge cake with hand sculpted fondant baby toys and "box lid" made from cereal treats. French vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing and pearl sprinkles.

Tuxedo Shirt Birthday Cake!

This cake was created for a client who was celebrating her birthday with a "Born This Way" party theme at Moods Lounge in Atlanta, Ga. She was also displaying photos from a NoH8 photoshoot she'd recently done and wanted that somehow tied into the cake design as well. French Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling and edible imaging.

Red, Black & Bling Birthday Cake!

This classy cake was made for comedienne, talk show host, and Oscar award winning actress Mo’Nique’s birthday. French vanilla and red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. 100% edible

Playstaton 3 Birthday Cake!

This cake was made for a client who wanted to present her boyfriend with a birthday cake of his favorite gaming system. Lemon cream cake with lemon buttercream filling and a white chocolate video game. 100% edible!