Sweet Sixteen Gift Box Cake!

This cake was made for two best friends who were celebrating their 16th birthday together. The 3 tier cake was so heavy that I had to finish stacking and decorating it at the event. Their party's color theme was turquoise, purple and green and the venue was adorably decorated to match the cake perfecty. I also made a custom cake stand to coordinate with the cake. The bottom and top tier are both French Vanilla and the middle tier was red velvet.

Lamborghini Murcielago Birthday Cake!

This one was ordered for a gentleman celebrating the big 4-0 :) Gotta admit that i'd never heard of a Lamborghini Murcielago and still can barely pronounce it, lol but as always I did my homework before tackling this cake (see previous post*). Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling and fondant icing. 100% edible!

The Making of the Lamborghini Murcielago Birthday Cake!

A while back I said I was going to start posting behind the scenes pics of some of our cakes. I definitley haven't done it as frequently as I intended because I get so deep in the zone of sculpting and decorating that I usually forget to take a picture. For this cake I made it a point to remember since this is my first automobile cake and I really wanted to look back on the progression for myself too:) I did LOTS of research before the carving began. I used images of the car I found on Google to create a template that I could use as a guide for the dimensions. I started with two 1/2 sheets of red velvet cake and filled them with cream cheese icing. I found the templates kinda useful, but in the end I just eyeballed most of the carving by looking at actual images of the car. I did find some difficuly in using red velvet cake since it isn't very dense and some details were hard to achieve but with a little patience I worked it out :). After the carving was done I crumb coated it with a thick layer of buttercream so that the red velvet coloring wouldn't show through the white fondant. In the future I will place the cake on an elevated board so that the car doesn't look like such a "low rider" but overall it was minimally nerve racking and pretty fun to make :)

Check out the "Lamborghini Murcielage Birthday Cake" post for the finished product!

Callaway Golf Bag Birthday Cake!

This cake was made for a client whose boyfriend was celebrating his 30th birthday. French vanilla cake covered in fondant icing.

Designer Handbag Cupcake Toppers..More Designs To Choose From!

Choose from our selection or design your own! Available for shipping worldwide.

Varsity Jacket Graduation Cakes!

Two cakes done for a client whose twin sons were celebrating their high school graduation. Winder Barrow High School varsity letterman jackets with custom track and field, football and basketball "pins" . One red velvet, on french vanilla.

Shoe Box Birthday Cake with White Chocolate Shoe!

Made in a rush for a client/friend's mom's birthday. French vanilla cake with white chocolate shoe.