Quilted Pink and White Baby Shower Cake!

This cake was ordered for a couple celebrating the approaching birth of their baby girl, Londyn. They were unsure of what exactly they wanted, they just knew they didn't wanna play up any type of "London, England" theme. So we choose a simple and sweet design that would make anyone say "awww" :). French vanilla cake with cream cheese and fresh strawberry filling covered in fondant icing. 100% edible!

Keri Hilson's Bubble Bath Birthday Cake!

Let me first apologize for the grainy pics (*bows head in shame). This cake was one challenge after another and by the time we finished it there was no time to do our normal photoshoot (of all cakes, smh..we know, we know! ).

This cake was ordered for Keri Hilson in celebration of her birthday. She hosted a "No Boys Allowed" spa party for all of her close friends complete the mani, pedi stations, eye brow threading, Greecian decor, catered menu, and modelesque man slaves wearing only a loincloth and fanning each guest with a palm frawn (I couldn't make this stuff up, lol!

She choose Red velvet claw foot tub cake with her soaking in it and chocolate fudge cake for the vanity dresser. We thought it would be cool to add "candle sticks" on the vanity as her actual birthday candles :) 100% edible!

Saxophone Baby Shower Cake!.

This cake was ordered for an award winning saxophonist and his jewelry designing wife in celebration of the upcoming birth of their baby boy. They asked for a saxophone cake with "blingy" baby toys as a representation of both of their personalities. French vanilla cake with buttercream filling and fondant icing... 100% edible!

Swirl Roses 90th Birthday Cake!.

This cake was ordered by Emory University's Center for Women in celebration of Mary Lynn Morgan's 90th birthday. Morgan was one of the first females practicing dentistry in Georgia in the 1940's. She is also the second woman appointed as an Emorty Trustee as well as the widow of legendary journalist Ralph McGill. Needless to say it was a huge honor to be asked to create a cake for her 90th birthday reception held on the campus of Emory University. They gave very simple requests and only asked that it be 3 tiers, simple buttercream icing, and pink. They chose chocolate fudge and French vanilla cake and we covered it in shades of pink buttercream icing using a simple swirl rose technique and 100% edible.

Rumpshaker Birthday Cake!

This cake was made for a client who was celebrating her birthday at the club where she...ahem, worked ;) The cake was carved to reflect her supple "assets". French Vanilla cake with fondant icing...100% edible!

Red Gucci Hobo Handbag Cake and Gucci Logo Cupcakes!

This cake was ordered by a client of ours who was celebrating her birthday along with a friend. She requested this red Gucci handbag as their cake along with two dozen red velvet and French vanilla mathcing logo cupcakes. French vanilla cake...100% edible

Fashionista Cupcakes!

These chocolate fudge and French vanilla cupcakes were ordered for the same client who ordered our designer handbag cupcakes with matching logos. She was defintely a girly girl who loved makeup shoes and jewelery and wanted a few cupcakes that reflected that as well. 100% edible!


Designer Handbags with Matching Logos Cupcakes!

These cupcakes were ordered for a couture conscious client who was celebrating her bithday in style. French vanilla and red velvet cupcakes...all toppers are 100% edible!

Audemars Piguet Watch Cakes!.

These matching cakes were made for two clients celebrating there birthdays together. They both requested French vanilla Audemars Piguet watches as their cake designs :)

Flower Bouquet Birthday Cake!

Cakes like this are the reason why I started this business! This cake was ordered for the sweestest lady who was blessed to be celebrating her 91st birthday. She was so completely surprised when we delivered her cake to her and went on to say that it was the "most beautiful cake I've ever seen!" :) I definitely could have sat and chatted with her for hours...she was AWESOME!

Truffle French Fries Birthday Cake!

This cake was ordered as a surprise for everyone's favorite "Girlfriend", Tracee Ellis Ross in celebration of her birthday. We were given an image of her all time favorite snack, truffle French fries, and asked to recreate them as a cake! The "French fries" are made from sliced and toasted french vanilla cake with the aluminum tin that they are seved in made from yellow cake covered in fondant icing. 100% edible

Louis Vuitton Gift Box Birthday Cake and Cupcakes!

This cake and cupcakes were ordered by a very sweet wife in celebration of her husband's birthday. Each little element of the Louis Vuitton logo was painstakingly hand cut with an exacto knife : / but it was well worth it :). Red velvet and French vanilla cake with sugarpaste bow and gift tag. One dozen cupcake with our designer logo disc toppers...all 100% edible!

Spy Kids 4 Birthday Cake!

This cake was ordered by a client whose son was celebrating his birthday with a Spy Kids 4 party theme. Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. Edible imaging and handsculped gadgets...100% edible!

Super Mario Bros. Popcorn Bucket Birthday Cake!

This is one of two cakes ordered by Oscar Award winning actress Mo'Nique for her twin son's birthday. The six year olds were celebrating by having a backyard movie party and she wanted two cakes that included that theme along with their adoration for Cookie Monster, Super Mario Bros., and Princess Peach. French vanilla cake with hand sculpted fondant accents and edible imaging.