Keri Hilson's Bubble Bath Birthday Cake!

Let me first apologize for the grainy pics (*bows head in shame). This cake was one challenge after another and by the time we finished it there was no time to do our normal photoshoot (of all cakes, smh..we know, we know! ).

This cake was ordered for Keri Hilson in celebration of her birthday. She hosted a "No Boys Allowed" spa party for all of her close friends complete the mani, pedi stations, eye brow threading, Greecian decor, catered menu, and modelesque man slaves wearing only a loincloth and fanning each guest with a palm frawn (I couldn't make this stuff up, lol!

She choose Red velvet claw foot tub cake with her soaking in it and chocolate fudge cake for the vanity dresser. We thought it would be cool to add "candle sticks" on the vanity as her actual birthday candles :) 100% edible!

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