Tiffany & Co. Style Mommy and Me Cakes!

These cakes were a lot of work but SO much fun! They were done for a client throwing a surprise party for his wife who was turning 40 and little girl turning 4. He requested them to both be in the style of Tiffany & Co. gift boxes. I added a silver sugar paste tiara for his daughter Eddyne's 8" square strawberry cake and "Eddyne & Co." written on the lid. For mom, Erica's 12" french vanilla cake i added a silver designer sugar paste shoe with her name as the label ;) custom "40" and "4" candles made from sugar paste also, all 100% edible!

Teapot Wonderland Cake!

This cake was done for a client and owner of Kimberville accesories boutique here in Atlanta, Ga. who was celebrating her birthday "Alice in Wonderland" style! The teapot and table are all french vanilla cake with buttercream frosting covered in fondant. The "eat me" "try me" cupcakes are made from Reese's Cups and all other figures are done out of sugarpaste.

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Air Jordan V Birthday Cake!

This one was done for a client who's girlfriend was celebrating her 28th birthday. It's a larger than life replica of a Nike Air Jordan V Sneaker. Red velvet cake with butter cream icing covered in fondant. The "23" that's on the original sneaker was changed to a "28" on the cake.