"Jack" in the Box Cake!

Soooo, this was a "Jack in the Box" cake that was requested by a client for her good friend's birthday. You may be wondering why the empty hole and no "Jack"?, lol...well "jack" wasn't really a jack, but um the last two letters "c" and "k" are still applicable ;) hahaha! Much too naughty post photos of, but we wanted to share the pics of the box before we, ahem, inserted the Jack. The whole time we were making it we kept thinking how adorable it would be if a little clown was popping out instead,lol! French vanilla cake and even "Jack" was edible too =)


  1. Wow! Amazing box. Can you please tell me how you got the lid to sit up on the cake like that without closing. I am trying to make a Jack-in-a-Box and wondered whether it will hold with just wire as a support.
    Many thanks Mel

  2. Thank you :) We used bamboo skewers. Good Luck with your cake!


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