Purple Rain Guitar Birthday Cake and Cupcakes!

This cake was done for a client who is "IN LOVE" with Prince and was celebrating her birthday with a Prince/Purple Rain party theme. For her cake she requested a replica of the white Cloud guitar that was gifted to Prince by Appollonia in the film "Purple Rain". She also wanted to some how include Prince on his motorcycle with her riding on the back, lol. So that's just what we gave her! Two-layer French vanilla cake with butter cream filling topped with hand made sugar roses and petals. Prince and his motorcycle were hand sculpted from fondant.

*after delivering her cake she handed me a bag of these adorable personalized M&M's =)


  1. This looks SO great. My boyfriend is similarly obsessed, and I'd like to make a cake like this!

    Did you have any trouble getting the layers of the thinner (top) part of the guitar to stay together? If so, what did you do to keep it together?


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