Camp Zoe Birthday Cake

This whimsical cake was done for a client whose little girl was turning 8 and celebrated her birthday at a camping lodge in Hapeville, Ga. The theme for her party was "Camp Zoe" and was complete with a s'mores bar, nature hunt and photo booth. The chocolate fudge cake with cookies and cream filling replicated a rustic tree stump with a camping tent on top. The "camp fire" was done so that when the birthday candles were lit it came to life. Custom "Camp Zoe" flag was created using an edible image and the tent was done out of sugar paste. Covered in chocolate buttercream frosting.

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  1. Hi! I LOVE this cake! I found it on another blog and have been tracking it down to find the frosting technique. How did you get the texture/pattern of the wood? I don't want my cake to look like the frosting is too fluffy because it wont look like a stump, but I want to use a light chocolate not-to-sweet frosting....any advice would be great!


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