The Making of....ATL AF1 Birthday Cake

From time to time I'll be posting "The Making of..." pictures and video to give an inside look at how i bring some of these cakes to life. I've been meaning to do it for a while but it's just been really hard for me to stop while I'm in "the zone" to snap a picture ;) I usually spend on average about 10 hours on each cake...i know, but it's truly a painstakingly detailed process. All the more reason why i wanted to start posting "The Making of..." so that you can really see all that goes into this edible art. Enjoy!

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This cake was done for a client's boyfriend who relocated to the west coast but is still an Atlanta boy at heart. She insisted that it have a "big booty stripper" with an Atlanta theme and i was more than happy to oblige ;)

The sneaker is made of red velvet cake with cream cheese icing covered in fondant. The stripper with money, chain and gold grill are all hand scuplted from sugar paste and 100% edible!

Baby Gift Basket Cake!

This cake was done for a client who was throwing a baby shower for her daughter Malika and requested a baby gift basket cake. After many emails and sketches this is what we came up with. French vanilla cake covered with chocolate fondant icing. The baby doll and bottle are made using Rice Crispie treats and the baby book, teething keys and pacifier are made from sugarpaste.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

So i guess people assume that when it comes time for MY birthday i'm gonna create some unbelievably amazing cake, but...nothing could be further from the truth ;) All i wanted was some low key very yummy cupcakes (emphasis on "yummy"!)

I made two dozen sampler cupcakes including red velvet, strawberry shortcake, chocolate peanut butter prezel, oreo, cinnimon swirl, chocolate fudge, and french vanilla. SOOOOO GOOD!

Petting Zoo/ Fall Festival Cake and Cupcakes

This cute birthday cake was for a client whose little boy Luke was turning 1 year old. Their party theme was "fall festival" and planned on having a mini petting zoo with animals and hay. The cake was done in french vanilla and decorated with buttercream icing. All the animals are hand sculpted from sugarpaste, the "bails of hay" are made using Rice Crispie treats and the "soil" is made from Oreo cookie crumbs :)

The french vanilla, cinnimon swirl, and red velvet cupcakes are topped with buttercream icing and hand painted sugarpaste decorations.