Sacha Fierce Cake!

This one just makes me giggle :)...So this cake was for a client who's name happened to be Sacha and was also an EXTREMELY big Beyonce fan (she is an actual member of Beyonce's fan club ;) Instead of making a cake in the shape of Beyonce herself i decided to recreate a 3-D version of a popular "Sacha Fierce" photo out of sugar paste as her cake topper. (i'm not a big fan of making cakes shaped like people because once it's time to cut the cake it gets a little freaky, lol). I made a cookies and cream cake with bavarian filling in the shape of a golden pillow. All edible, even poor Beyonce ;)

Ipod and Nail Polish Cupcakes!

These were done for a client whose daughter Janiya was turning 15. She told me all her daughter did was tune her out with music on her ipod and get her nails done (typical 15 year old girl ;) So i made mini ipods and little bottles of nail polish out of sugar paste to top off her cupcakes. The cupcakes are chocolate fudge with vanilla butter cream icing.

Chanel Handbag Cake!

This cake was for two fabulous clients celebrating their birthday's together. I replicated a red quilted Chanel handbag using half chocolate fudge and half french vanilla cake with butter cream icing covered in fondant. The "handbag" was accompanied by a life size Christian Louboutin patent leather pump and white flower both hand sculpted out of sugar paste. 100% edible!

Lakers Hat Cake!

This cake was done for a client whose nephew was turning 17 and a BIG Los Angeles Lakers fan. The cake was yellow with bavarian chocolate filling and covered in fondant icing. I used the label on the lid of the hat to display the birthday boy's name and age.