The Making of the Lamborghini Murcielago Birthday Cake!

A while back I said I was going to start posting behind the scenes pics of some of our cakes. I definitley haven't done it as frequently as I intended because I get so deep in the zone of sculpting and decorating that I usually forget to take a picture. For this cake I made it a point to remember since this is my first automobile cake and I really wanted to look back on the progression for myself too:) I did LOTS of research before the carving began. I used images of the car I found on Google to create a template that I could use as a guide for the dimensions. I started with two 1/2 sheets of red velvet cake and filled them with cream cheese icing. I found the templates kinda useful, but in the end I just eyeballed most of the carving by looking at actual images of the car. I did find some difficuly in using red velvet cake since it isn't very dense and some details were hard to achieve but with a little patience I worked it out :). After the carving was done I crumb coated it with a thick layer of buttercream so that the red velvet coloring wouldn't show through the white fondant. In the future I will place the cake on an elevated board so that the car doesn't look like such a "low rider" but overall it was minimally nerve racking and pretty fun to make :)

Check out the "Lamborghini Murcielage Birthday Cake" post for the finished product!


  1. Hi.. Can you Please make a tutorial on how to make the small branded purse..Your cakes are awesome! I would love to learn from you..

  2. Hi Nadilah, your cakes are beautiful as well! I'll definitely keep your request in mind the next time I make some :)


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